LiveShopBuy is a community driven marketplace for local shopping (web and mobile ready) that gives consumers a convenient way to shop local, and local businesses unrivaled exposure. In combining all top digital marketing mediums into one collaborative, cost-effective solution, we’re helping small businesses grow and compete against the national giants.

     We have developed technology (Copyrighted and patent pending) that allows shoppers to conduct search queries that display merchants in proximity to the zip code stored in the shopper’s home profile, in contrast to other marketplaces where merchants with the most reviews and ratings get top billing. The shopper also has the option of clicking an “I’m Traveling” button which changes the search algorithm to search for merchants in their new current location. On top of the execution of engaging marketing tactics, we’re also providing companies with a virtual storefront that translates this engagement into actual sales. 

     The LiveShopBuy eCommerce marketplace is like an Amazon, eBay and Yellow Pages all in one but can be put to work for businesses for Free! What’s even better, it’s been designed exclusively for small business; you’ll never find a big box store on our platform. Like never before, merchants can socialize, advertise, and sell locally or to every corner of the country – and finally go toe-to-toe with the corporate giants

      In addition to helping small business grow, communities get the help they need to fund programs for the homeless, the hungry and families in need through LiveShopBuy's "Community First" program where we give back a percentage of our profits into the communities where the sales originated. 



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Local Directory:

Find out about all the local merchants in your town: auto care, plumber, contractor, landscaper, insurance, doctor, lawyer and many others that you don't even know about.


Download and save with local coupons that offer daily, weekly and monthly discounts on specific products and services.


Get daily updates through Deal-of-the-Day offers with specials from businesses like: restaurants, spa's, salon's, hotels, jewelry, clothing, travel and lots more!

Shop Online:

From the convenience of your own home, now you can shop 24/7 in your local community and find extraordinary savings for you and your family. You can also have products delivered right to your home or have in-store pick up the next time you are in town..


Social Media

Our social media platform allows you the ability to interact socially with all your favorite local merchants, ask questions, tell others about your experience or just see what others have to say.



A Community Driven Marketplace