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Having your own store website

As a merchant, you are probably wondering how important it is to have your products and services on a digital marketplace or invest in your own online website. Having your own store website is costly to build and maintain and once its built you need to market and promote your brand. This is very time consuming, expensive and it’s a full-time job keeping up with technology and the multitude of social media and digital marketing strategies out there. Marketplaces gives merchants access to massive numbers of shoppers. Merchant’s marketing costs would be enormous to drive the same amount of traffic to their private sites.

Why LiveShopBuy will benefit merchants more so than larger eCommerce sites.

Why bother selling on LiveShopBuy you ask? LiveShopBuy uses location-based technology giving shoppers the convenience of shopping local and the merchant unrivaled local exposure but with a national reach. And when shoppers create an account with LiveShopBuy and complete their profile, merchants in their home community will come up first in search results giving the shopper an opportunity to support their local community regardless if they are shopping from home or away. But, when they do travel, they have the option to click a button and search locally in proximity to their new location. In crowded marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, merchants with high ratings and more reviews dominate the search results giving larger veteran merchants an advantage over smaller local businesses with less reviews. LiveShopBuy merchants could see higher traffic and more sales for their products, since they are more likely to compete with less sellers offering the same products due to our location-based technology. Merchants on LiveShopBuy may offer Pick-up in-store for convenience and to enhance the customer experience. Merchants see an immediate increase in walk-in traffic when allowing Pick-up in-store. Another advantage to LiveShopBuy merchants is that we do not allow Big Box stores in our marketplace.

What does LiveShopBuy have that Amazon doesn’t and how can we compete?

We have “Buy online, have it shipped or Pick-up in store”. 44% of shoppers are more likely to purchase online if they can pick-up in the store. LiveShopBuy is an additional sales channel: Millennials are multichannel consumers having no loyalty to any one marketplace.

Great Culture & Community Outreach:

We give back a percentage of our profits back into the communities where the sales originated to help fund poverty alleviation and families in distress.

Loyalty Program:

Customers aren’t devoted to Amazon and its Prime program alone. Our loyalty rewards program extends beyond reward points. And 62% of consumers are more likely to shop on sites that have a rewards program.


We are not saying Amazon doesn't take advantage of technology. But, we are saying it's because of their tech that anti-Amazon technology is becoming more and more available. i.e. inventory management and accounting applications across multiple sales channels and pricing bots are becoming more and more available at lower costs.

Seller Coupons:

Allow sellers to reduce prices on top of their published prices making it nearly impossible for Amazon and competitor marketplace Bots to have access to that information.

Amazon Is Becoming a Pay-to-Play Platform:

So, it would be wise for merchants to diversify their channels. LiveShopBuy has “free to use” platform features

No Seller Lock-Outs:

We do not do business with Big Box Stores and we do not compete against our own sellers. And we will not lock-out sellers who sell brand name merchandise. Merchants realize their businesses are at stake if they conduct business on one marketplace and their account is suddenly terminated for selling brands that Amazon recently contracted with.

Local But With a National Reach

94% of smartphone users look for local information on their device and 90% of them take action. LiveShopBuy is a location-based.

Directory Listing:

LiveShopBuy has a free directory listing for local businesses complete with profile web page, SEO capabilities, Social Media connectivity and the ability to sell and promote their products and service under a free basic plan forever.