LiveShopBuy was started with the intention of giving small businesses an upper hand in the game of competition; we knew local merchants were having trouble thriving in this big box-dominated marketplace and wanted to help out. But there’s more to it!

You’ve probably heard of our philanthropic program, Community First. If you haven’t heard, community is extremely important to us! And we know that in order to strengthen it, there needs to be something that brings people closer—something they get excited about that allows them to convene.

At LiveShopBuy, we want to dig a bit deeper into the entrepreneurial soil and tap into the roots of business, which did exactly that: people had a need, others found a solution, and the groups came together to supply the demand. With an understanding that business is a positive force that can solve problems if done correctly, we hope to give back and reflect that side of the industry in our own company.

Community First is a program we’re implementing into our marketplace that gives up to 5% of the profits from each sale back into the community from which the purchase was made. Not only will LiveShopBuy encourage local residents to come together physically, but the revenue returned to each area will benefit them socially and mentally, as well.

The extra funds will specifically be used to fund poverty alleviation and other worthy causes, trying to reduce the amount of people who go without the basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, etc. Our objective is to help provide these essentials, as well as focus on long-term needs like education and employment opportunities. Furthermore, we hope this movement inspires people where they are and encourages them to adopt a “we’re in this together”-oriented mindset.

 Community is much more easily attained when we’re willing to let each other in! And the fact local shopping can be a gateway to that is the icing on the cake. We have to shop anyway, so why not boost each other and our communities simply by doing what we’ll naturally do?  

We hope you’re just as excited about Community First as we are—we have such a heart for service. If you have questions about our mission or know of local charities in your town that need love, let us know. We’d love to get involved and see how LiveShopBuy can help!