LiveShopBuy merchants are encouraged to spread the word about the LiveShopBuy website and marketplace and for this merchants can receive reward points to be used on our website and mobile apps (the “ Services ” ) through LiveShopBuy’s reward & Loyalty program.


You may only email referral invitations to friends or individual s who consent to receiving this type of message and who are local business owners ("Merchants"). In its performance of this agreement, Merchant will comply with all applicable federal, state and local statutes, laws, codes, rules, re gulations and ordinances, including without limitation, all such provisions regarding the bulk transmission o f electronic mail, (including the Can- Spam Act, effective January 1, 2004 and State and Federal Do -Not-Call laws)


As a LiveShopBuy customer or merchant, for each new merchant you refer and that signs up as a paying customer with us, you will receive reward points (see merchant reward point schedule) to use towards purchases with any business in our marketplace (“Reward Points”) through LiveShopBuy’s Loyalty Rewards Program. To participate, sign in to your LiveShopBuy account and in your dashboard will be an Affiliate Merchant Referral link. Us this link when you invite your business friends who have not previously registered to sell (“First-Time Merchants”) to become LiveShopBuy merchants. This link is tied to your account and will automatically apply the correct amount of reward points depending upon what program the First Time Merchant signs up for. Valid invitations must include a unique link generated on the Merchant Referral page.


Reward Points may be applied towards any product or service purchases according to the rules and regulations of our "Loyalty Rewards Program" ("LRP"). Reward points may also be assigned or cashed-out according to the rules and regulations of our "LRP. Merchant Reward Points may not be applied towards merchant monthly accrued fees due to LiveShopBuy. Reward points will expire as stated in our LRP, but they will be voided within an LiveShopBuy account in the event of that your merchant account closes for any reason.


If you or your friends do not comply with this policy, or do not follow the directions on the referral pages or valid invitations, you may not receive the applicable reward points, and LiveShopBuy will not be liable for any such non-compliance. Invitations may expire.


Participation in the referral programs may be limited to LiveShopBuy members located in certain countries or using certain currencies, and is void where prohibited by law. LiveShopBuy reserves the right to modify or terminate the referral programs at any time.


LiveShopBuy reserves the right to cancel or rescind reward points if it determines in its sole discretion that any party has violated this policy or LiveShopBuy’s Terms of Use, including through any fraudulent or misleading referral activity (for example, by using multiple identities, email addresses or LiveShopBuy accounts, otherwise providing false or misleading information, or conducting any kind of funny business) or if the party’s LiveShopBuy account is closed for any reason.


This policy is a part of our Terms of Use. By participating in one of LiveShopBuy’s referral program, you’re agreeing to this policy and our Terms of Use.

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