Providing dealerships real-time, in-auction vehicle condition reports

Born from owner Frank Pellegrini’s 30 years of experience in automobile inspection and servicing and 10 years in private and commercial aircraft, AutoAuctionAngel is the ideal go-to provider for any independent car dealer planning to buy and prepare for resale.

This vehicle inspection service provides mechanical and cosmetic condition reports specifically on vehicles from the Manheim New Jersey, Adesa New Jersey, and NY Metro Skyline auctions. The other veterans on board (who have purchased, inspected, repaired and sold thousands of vehicles over 25 years) follow strict examination procedures to ensure high quality reports. Each vehicle undergoes exterior, interior, and engine compartment inspection, test drive inspections when applicable, and post-sale inspection after any purchase.

While relying on auction condition reports is better than nothing, AutoAuctionAngel provides dealers with all of that and then some—mechanical systems checks, which auctions don’t supply. Further, the resources they offer enable dealers to more efficiently avoid junk at auctions and bid sales, stop overpaying, and have more confidence on the block. Who doesn’t want more peace of mind?

AutoAuctionAngel wants to help dealers get an edge over their competition and give them eyes and ears at the auction, even when they’re offsite! Check out their site at www.AutoAuctionAngel.com for more information.

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