COLTS NECK, NJ—September 15, 2018 

The Flying Pig Parcel Service will be partnering with LiveShopBuy, adding same-day delivery to their selling smorgasbord. LiveShopBuy is an online marketplace designed specifically for small local business owners, dedicated to leveling the playing field for the mom-and-pop shops forced to compete in an age dominated by other huge digital marketplaces, regional/national chains, and big box stores.

“We’re always looking for ways to improve our customer experience,” says Joseph Anselmo, LiveShopBuy CEO. “Soon when we are integrated with the Flying Pig, our shoppers will have the added options of same-day delivery, in addition to standard delivery options and pick-up in-store.”

Offering top-notch local goods and positive customer service is what LiveShopBuy knows best, and Joe knew working with The Flying Pig Parcel Service would be a step in the right direction. And not only will Flying Pig get LiveShopBuy’s business, but LiveShopBuy will be helping them establish their own online presence, as well—it’s a win/win.

The two are setting the ultimate entrepreneurial example by joining forces—by working together to service local markets across the country and provide quick product distribution, both business owners and consumers alike will benefit. This is what LiveShopBuy hopes to see more of: businesses contributing their expertise, learning from and growing with each other, and interacting with their customers all to create more thriving local communities and economies.

Learn more about the Flying Pig Parcel Service soon on the LiveShopBuy platform, and find out more about their marketplace and membership plans at


To request an interview, please contact: Joseph Anselmo, LiveShopBuy Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO at 732-526-8000 x301 or