LiveShopBuy Partners With The Millington Group to Help Small Business Thrive

HOLMDEL, NJ - August 13, 2018 -LiveShopBuy has partnered with The Millington Group (TMG), an organization that will offer support to LiveShopBuy business owners by assisting in business plan development and financial guidance. LiveShopBuy has recently announced their launch of LiveShopUniversity, a division of the company that gives business owners the educational tools needed for success. The partnership with The Millington Group offers LiveShopBuy business owners support to help their businesses grow with the ability to access the advice of seasoned professionals.

“I am extremely excited about our partnership with The Millington Group,” said Joseph Anselmo.  LiveShopBuy Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO.  “Since formal strategic-planning processes play an important role in improving overall satisfaction with strategy development, improving strategic planning can significantly improve the bottom line for our business customers.” 

TMG has a wealth of knowledge and experience available for business owners.  They specialize in establishing cash flow projections, implementing processes regarding revenue and expense recognition and analyzing data to provide options for improvement and bookkeeping services.  They also offer support in decisions regarding finance, banking, insurance and contract negotiations.

“The Millington Group is extremely excited to be partnering with LiveShopBuy and be part of an organization that gives back, not only to its members, but also the community in which they serve,” said Billy Millington, President. 

The Millington Group was founded on the principles of simplicity, intending to provide a meaningful service while giving clients the tools they need to be successful entrepreneurs. 

“The LSB community now has access to TMG for questions and follow up with regards to any new ideas or to re-define an existing business model,” added Millington.  “A typical business will immediately have insight into what has occurred in recent history and the foresight as to what to expect in the next 3-5 years.  Financial and directional decisions can be made from this data to ensure sustainability.”

LiveShopBuy is the only company to offer an online sales platform with an eCommerce marketplace and local Directory exclusively for small businesses.  LiveShopBuy’s mission is to help the small business owner thrive despite today’s challenges of Big Box stores and online monopolies forcing many businesses to close their doors.  The addition of LiveShopUniversity further assists their endeavors to offer the educational guidance and support small business owners need to compete in today’s economic climate.

“I believe our partnership with The Millington Group well positions LiveShopBuy to offer our business customers business strategies whose methods, if emulated, can lead to satisfaction instead of frustration at the end of the year,” added Anselmo.