You know competition’s tough when long-standing retailers like the ever-popular Toys R Us decide to close their doors. The 70-year-old toy store announced on Thursday that it’s officially going out of business. CEO David Brandon made the decision to liquidate all locations for a number of reasons, mostly due to financial struggles and having to deal with (what seemed to them like) newly inspired competitors. Apparently Toys R Us had been experiencing major debt for quite a while, major debt that would’ve been much closer to getting paid off had they met their ambitious goal for the upcoming sales chapter. Unfortunately, even larger chains with larger online presences went in for the kill, particularly at times during which Toys R Us had counted on significantly profiting. Around the holidays, Target, Amazon and Walmart lowered their prices, gaining the attention of many customers that Toys R Us had expected to receive. When their prices couldn’t compete with the more reasonable prices proposed by these big box stores, they lost a tremendous sales opportunity and lots of business. Brandon specifically felt that holiday sales would help the store get out of its financial rut, but when they failed to do so, there wasn’t much else that could save it. You can’t help but wonder how things would’ve been different if Toys R Us had had more of a digital presence like its competitor stores. Consumers are flocking to these ecommerce sites because of their wide selection and immense convenience, and LiveShopBuy recognizes the importance of marrying these two factors through an internet platform. We want to help your small business succeed—the retail industry is ever changing and extremely competitive, and the digital tools provided through LiveShopBuy will help give your brand a boost. Providing consumers with the option to shop your quality goods online shows them that you’re up-to-date with market trends and gives them easy access to their favorite products. And with our low administrative fees you can afford to compete against the Amazon’s of the world. Check out our membership options to see what plan works best for you—you can even get started for free! Start giving your business the attention it deserves.