In a time in which technology is thriving, it may seem like a silly question: why register your business to multiple platforms?

In a few conversations we’ve had with clients, we’ve noticed that this is actually quite a common curiosity. Many, especially those who have “gotten along well enough” without any sort of online presence, don’t see the point if there are no obvious or immediate leads being generated from said platforms.

It makes sense—we certainly like our instant gratification. But haven’t you heard about The Stanford Marshmallow experiment? We can either get one marshmallow now, or wait a little bit and get two. I don’t know about you, but we prefer the latter. Patience is a virtue, so they say!

Why register your business to multiple digital platforms, then? Well, why not?

There are two parts to this question: why register to digital platforms, and why register to multiple.

Part one: Put simply, what have you got to lose?The only thing that’ll come of putting yourself out there digitally is more exposure, more customers, more fans. Just because change doesn’t necessarily happen overnight (though in this day and age, it’s certainly possible), that doesn’t mean it isn’t marinating. Especially for smaller businesses that are just starting out, slow growth could simply be due to lack of current content—once your brand is built digitally, it’ll be easier to gain a following. Once you’ve got an audience, the leads will come.

Part two: Representing yourself on multiple platforms is important because each is used for showcasing a different part of you, and made to do so better than the others. For instance, social media platforms, while all are a way of communicating to followers, each focus on something different. For the most part, Instagram communicates with photos; Facebook and Twitter with words; YouTube and Snapchat with video, etc. Having different mediums through which to convey a message will allow for most efficient communication.

Let’s say you own a bake shop and just invented a new flavor of cupcake. On Twitter, you might tweet out a quick, “Stop by Manhattan Muffins today for a free sample of our new flava flav!” Then, you might Instagram a shot of the first batch fresh out of the oven. On Snapchat, you could document the baking process, filming each step of the way. Having these different channels allows you to present different sides of the same theme and provide a little bit of insight to the many levels and facets of your business.

So, in this case, not only will you be represented digitally, but you’ll also be represented in various ways on platforms that can best display all of your sides. If there’s something holding you back from having this online presence, don’t think twice about. In today’s world, getting web exposure is crucial and will only be to your advantage.

At LiveShopBuy, we want to help you establish this digital presence and give you the tools necessary to compete in this age. Check out our website for membership packages (some are free!) and our marketplace for local products.